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Quality and Safety

SGS Test

SGS is the world's leading inspection, appraisal, testing and certification organization and a globally recognized benchmark for quality and business integrity. The SGS food safety test includes a range of food safety and sanitation tests that can be proven to meet hygienic requirements. For food-service operators, protecting brands and consumers from food safety and hygienic issues is critical. We regularly test our fresh food through SGS to ensure our food safety and hygiene. Long-term testing results show that our food is fully compliant with SGS standards.



High-quality goods and services are provided to our consumers through honest communication and close cooperation with suppliers around the world. The choice of suppliers is very important and we are very cautious in our selection of suppliers. Our suppliers must be certified and have a perfect financial system, legal product compliance, and qualification certification. All suppliers must meet these basic requirements. A long-term and stable relationship with high-quality suppliers determines the quality of our products and our competitive prices.


Advanced ERP System

Advanced ERP management system has been introduced in our company. ERP has significant features such as integration, systematicness, flexibility and real-time control. ERP integrates customer needs with internal manufacturing activities within the enterprise and the manufacturing resources of suppliers to form a complete supply chain for the enterprise. The ERP system enables our company to take a more flexible approach to the warehouse management and performs batch management for each batch of purchases in a synchronous, agile and real-time way. Therefore, issues such as expiration backlogs are prevented. Therefore customers receive the freshest products. Based on accurate, timely and complete information, our company makes the right decisions and actively adopt batch management methods.


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